The Great War by 3TTO



Op 4 februari kwam The Phileas Fogg Theatre Company, een Brits theatergezelschap, naar het HLW voor een nieuwe workshop met de 3e klassen TTO. Onderwerp was de 1e Wereld Oorlog oftewel The Great War. Na een repetitie onder begeleiding van de Engelse acteurs konden ouders, docenten en andere belangstellenden de voorstelling bijwonen in de aula. Met wat eenvoudige attributen en accessoires als helmen en campouflagenetten werd een overtuigend beeld van de loopgraven en de ellende die zich daar afspeelde geschetst.
In korte tijd hebben de leerlingen veel geleerd over de Wereld Oorlog en dat ook nog met veel belangstelling en plezier.


Een paar citaten/ A few quotes:

I was really excited about the play. I was really looking forward to this play, for the last two times with the Phileas Fogg were really fun. This time it was about the first World War and about the lifes of the British people at that time. We had to wear hats, some of us even costumes and we had to learn some lines too.


It was the third time that we did a Phileas Fogg Play, so I already knew what I could expect. The theme this time was about the First World War and we didn’t practice in front of the parents. I still did enjoy the workshop.


On the 4th of Febraury two actors of the Phileas fogg Theatre Companu came to our school to teach us about the Great War, take part at the play and also let us take part at the play. It was a great play, but no one really had a big role, which was a bit of a pity. But it was very funny and a good experience.


The play was really fun. We all had at least one role. The play was about the Great War. There were two groups that were fighting against eachother, but also -just for one day- celebrating Christmas together.
The thing I enjoyed the most was obviously acting and being there with everyone. The two English actors were also really nice.